Harmony Club House, Cary, NC


Nada Vipanchi organized the inaugural Veenotsavam (Veena Festival) on October 23, 2016. The festival provided a platform for vainikas, veena gurus, and students of the RTP area community to showcase their talents in veena concerts.

Following slokam and prayer rendered by Bhavani, Bhairavi, and Smriti, an "Invocation Concert" was presented by NCSU Sangeet members - Aishwarya, Karthick, Shilpa, Shreyas, Sreepradha, and Srikrishnan.

"Tri-Veena Concert" by Subha Sridharan, Gowri Srinivas, and Prabhavathi Vijayaraghavan portrayed the traditional rendering of veena; it featured the aesthetics and purity of playing the soulful instrument. Arjun Raghavan and Samarth Rao accompanied on mridangam and kanjira and added crisp laya bhava that made the concert sound wholesome.

Presentations by the students of Subha Sridharan and Vyjayanti Jandhyala exhibited the high level of interest and long hours of practice that the students invested to learn music and how to play the instrument. They were accompanied ably by Siddharth Gadepalli on mridangam.

"Veena, Venu, Violin" concert by Kalyan Sundar, Partha Aji, and Palghat Sridhar was filled with classicism and it was a treat for the audience. Sudhindra Rao and Samarth Rao accompanied on mridangam and kanjira nicely supporting melody yet highlighting their vidwat.

"What in the World is Thanam" lecture-demonstration unraveled the basics of thanam. Madhu Vadlamani and Shreyas Ashok provided a succint overview; Guhan Venkataraman and Sudarshan Mohan illustrated the significance of veena in the development of thanam rendering. 

A "Grand Refreshing RTP-in-RTP" concert by Guhan Venkataraman on veena became the highlight of the Veenotsavam festival. Guhan's scintillating performance helped the students and audience to immerse in serene music and pick up a few tips as to how better to play or enjoy the instrument. Karthik Narayanan accompanied Guhan ably on his first concert in the US and earned audience's acclaim.

Photos and videos from Veenotsavam are now accessible.