During the Veenotsavam & Dikshitar ArAdhana festival on October 19, 2019, Nada Vipanchi will have interested community artists and students render a couple of dIkShithar krithis as a group to offer tribute to Sri Muthuswamy Deekshithar.

We invite you to be part of this samudAya mangaLam group rendering. Please learn the following two krithis to co-present in G shruthi at the end of the festival. 

1. mAyE tvam yAhi,  tarangini rAgam, taught by Smt. R. Vedavalli
    Download zip file: http://www.aradhana.org/sampradaya/2007/10%20maaye.zip  
2. SrI kamalAmbikE,  SrI rAgam, taught by Smt. Suguna Varadachari
    Download zip file: http://www.aradhana.org/sampradaya/2008/Kamalamba%20Navavaranam/02%20Sri.zip

Contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to celebrating Veenotsavam & Deekshithar ArAdhana with you!
VV19 community aradhana