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Nada Vipanchi believes that art and culture are essential to build vibrant communities. Thus, we organize a variety of events throughout the year to foster classical music and cultivate the next generation of artists and enthusiasts. These events enable students, artists, and the community to organize and celebrate Carnatic (South Indian classical) music.

Nada Vipanchi is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a forum for North American Carnatic music students, teachers, and artists to showcase and synergize our talents and grow together.

vipanchI veeNa gAnam, an inspiration for musical mastery

"Vipanchi" is a Sanskrit word that denotes the veena (string instrument) held by Saraswathi, the Hindu Goddess of arts, knowledge, and wisdom. Nada Vipanchi (meaning eternal, mystic music of Vipanchi veena) signifies the organization's vision to enrich talents and foster a platform to sustain the classical music and art tradition of southern India.

Nada Vipanchi's banner displays the 92nd verse of "Arya Satakam", which highlights the Vipanchi veena played by Saraswathi.
Adi Sankara describes how sweetly saraswathi sang while playing Vipanchi. He elucidates that this divine entertainment was offered to Parvathi, in his famous work, "Soundarya Lahari" (verse 66, "vipanchyA gAyanti"). Read Kanchi Maha Periyava's explanation of the Slokam.
Nada Vipanchi's vision and strategy are elucidated by Smt. Gayathri Sundaresan in the following article published in the Sruti magazine (Sep. 2018).

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